ACCES Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services

About ACCES Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services

ACCES serves the Pacific Northwest veterinary community by offering the highest quality multi-specialty, critical care, emergency medicine and referral services to veterinarians and their clients. With its emergency doctors, board-certified specialists, animal blood bank and state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical suites, ACCES provides access to innovative resources and comprehensive care when it is needed most.

ACCES is a collaborative hospital, which emphasizes coordinated care and communication among referring veterinarians, pet owners and ACCES specialists. ACCES specialists are board-certified in veterinary critical care medicine, veterinary internal medicine, veterinary surgery and veterinary radiology with licensed technical specialists in internal medicine and emergency and critical care. In addition, ACCES has close working relationships with Animal Cancer Specialists and Northwest Animal Eye Specialists, as well as the Animal Dermatology Clinic.

ACCES is available to serve member patriots referred by their primary veterinarian through their centers in Seattle and Renton.


Internal medicine
On-site endoscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy and echocardiography
Orthopedic, soft tissue, oncological and reconstructive surgery
Fracture repair and trauma stabilization
On-site diagnostic imaging, including ultrasound, CT scan and radiology (x-ray)
Intensive care and emergency room available 24/7

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