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The Hawaiian Humane Society offers dog and cat adoptions to Pets for Patriots members and will help them find their new best friend. Organized in 1883 and subsequently given the authority to enforce animal cruelty laws in 1897, the charity remains dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of all animals.

Their busy shelter in the heart of Moiliili has become a community hub for animal lovers, featuring 30 programs and services focused on strengthening the human animal bond: rescuing the abused, engaging volunteers, fighting for better laws and caring for nearly 30,000 animals a year. It accepts animals 24/7 year-round.

As an animal welfare organization, the Society is committed to educating young and old alike, and works to find solutions to the challenges of a diverse and fast-growing community. Part of this commitment includes addressing the question of “no-kill.” The truth is that there is no such place as a no kill shelter. Limited admission organizations may turn unadoptable animals away. The Society is not a “yes kill” organization. Their goal is to have euthanasia performed when it is the only alternative to end an animal’s suffering: irreversible disease, injury or other infirmities or those that pose a safety threat. Indefinite confinement or warehousing animals, isolation or indiscriminate placement are not acceptable alternatives.

The Hawaiian Humane Society welcomes monetary donations, as well as Kuranda beds, pet food and treats, cleaning supplies and other items; see their complete wish list for details. For a more hands on experience, become one of their valued volunteers or pet fosters.

Adoption Fees Include:

Age-appropriate vaccinations
Basic veterinary exam
Behavior assessment
Carrier (cats) – cardboard pet taxi to go home in
Flea/tick preventative
Heartworm preventative
Heartworm test
Microchip for permanent identification


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