Lifetime Pet Wellness Center

About Lifetime Pet Wellness Center

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center is a full service veterinary facility offering experienced, compassionate and integrative pet care to Columbus, Ohio residents.  Its integrative medical approach includes conventional, Eastern and homeopathic modalities, and a holistic philosophy dedicated to animal wellness.

As part of its commitment to client education, Lifetime Pet Wellness Center provides free pet care news and information. The practice is licensed and experienced in complete medical, surgical and wellness care, and offers a wide range of services for companion animals.


General, laser, and allopathic surgery
Wellness and preventative care
General dentistry and dental radiology
In-house laboratory and laser therapy
Nutritional counseling
Acupuncture, aquapuncture and electroacupuncture
Veterinary spinal manipulative therapy
Chinese and Western herbal medicine
Grooming and veterinarian-supervised boarding

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