Youth volunteer agreement

1. My child has enough experience with dogs and/or cats and is mature enough to volunteer with Pets, and to participate in activities with adult or at-risk dogs or cats.

2. The references I provide may be contacted by phone or email. (Note: References may not be needed for all volunteer positions).

3. I understand that Pets has my permission to use my child’s name and photographs of my child to promote the organization.

4. I will not hold Pets responsible for any unforeseen injuries or problems that may occur during the course of my child’s volunteer position, and I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pets, its directors, officers and volunteers, from and against liability for any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses, judgments, costs or expenses whatsoever that I or my child, or any other animal or person, might suffer or sustain, except any losses which are the direct result of Pets’ gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

5. My child understands that he/she may not represent or obligate Pets either through written or oral communications without the express written approval of Pets, including communications with the media. My child understands that he/she must uphold the organization’s values and be mindful of how he/she represents Pets via the Internet, social networking and other forms of public interaction.

6. I understand that some volunteer activities at Pets may bring my child into contact with adult or at-risk dogs or cats, and I agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury and property damage associated with such activities. I further acknowledge that there may be additional risks that are either not known to me or my child, or are not readily foreseeable, and I fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs and damages my may incur as a result of his/her volunteer activity with Pets.

7. My child understands that he/she may receive personal information regarding a military family on an as-needed basis, and a military family may choose to disclose information. My child understands that this information is confidential, especially addresses and contact information, and that it is not to be disclosed to an outside party in written or verbal form, nor in an electronic communication such as mail, website accessible by the public, etc.

8. My child understands that he/she may not accept any gifts, fees or gratuities for himself/herself or any member of his/her family or household, and that he/she may not benefit financially or commercially as a result of his/her volunteerism with Pets.

9. My child agrees to disclose immediately to Pets any personal or financial interests that may be inconsistent with the organization’s best interests.

10. My child agrees to protect the Pets brand with integrity, and my child understands that he/she may not use the Pets name, logo, endorsement, services or property for his/her personal advantage or for the advantage of others without the express written consent of Pets.

11. Many military members choose not to have their photos taken for personal or other reasons. My child understands that he/she may not photograph, nor arrange for a photograph of, military members without first receiving approval from a Pets Staff Member of Volunteer Supervisor to ensure that Pets has obtained expressed written consent from the military member.

12. I understand that the terms listed above are not all-inclusive and may be updated, as needed.

13. I agree that this Agreement is binding upon me, my spouse/partner, and my and his or her respective heirs, successors, assigns, executors and personal representatives.