A letter of thanks for three lives transformed

This letter of thanks is from Stephanie, a Marine Corps veteran and Pets for Patriots member, to our founder and executive director, Beth Zimmerman. Sometimes all it takes is a dog to forever transform the lives of those around her. 

Hi Beth,

I know I’ve thanked you plenty over the phone, but wanted to write you so that anytime your job gets difficult you can read this and have some comfort in knowing that you’ve greatly affected three lives – [starting with] the life of our new dog, Fly, an eight month-old Border Collie that was rescued by your partner in Utah, Canines With a Cause.

Second, and most important to me, my son. He’s only six years old and unfortunately has adopted the role as a service person to me. From calling 911 to telling people in a grocery store to back away from me while I have an anxiety attack, he has gladly accepted the role as I reluctantly watch with no choice.

My child FINALLY has a chance to be a kid, and that’s thanks to you and your wonderful organization.


As you know, we haven’t started service dog training, but with how my son has seen Fly react to my attacks, I have noticed a change in him. He understands it’s her job, backs off, and as a result has less stress.

Finally, my high anxiety, low resilience, stressful life.

From comfort in petting Fly when I have high anxiety to the nudging, licking and pawing Fly does during an attack, she makes my life much more manageable. There really aren’t words to express my gratitude for you and your organization.

When Fly is better trained I plan on fostering and possibly adopting, in the hopes of changing lives like you have – ours – for the better.

What you do is extraordinary, and it takes a very special person.

Best regards,

Stephanie, Damian and Fly



  1. Hairless Cat

    Hi P4P and Stephanie,

    Though I’m generally a cat person, I know a bit about Border Collies.

    Fly sounds like a good companion and I’m glad he enabled your son to be a kid again.

    Border Collies will do that – take on supervision and coordination roles. You couldn’t have picked a better dog for the role.

    He’ll really bring a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy to your household. I’ve seen it happen more than once with Border Collies.

    He’ll also keep a close eye on Damien and not allow him to wander off.

    Good choice,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

    • Stan

      I love dogs! I watch Animal Planet a lot, and the show called It’s Me or The Dog. Ok you need to train your boderr collie. They’re easily trained, I have 2. Teach it the ‘leave it’ command. Put a treat on the floor and say firmly, ‘leave it’. Keep your hand close by incase he tries to eat it. You must have patience! Your dog can learn all the basics. Please do not get mad and start yelling ‘leave it’ just say it firm. Once he understands and leaves it alone, give him a treat from YOUR OTHER HAND. That’s important. Do that with him a few times. When you notice him nipping your other dog, say ‘leave it’ in a very firm tone. Once he does, give him a treat. Keep this going. Lemme know if it works )References : CLICK ON MY PIC! I NEED HELP TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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