Our purpose

Our vision:

An adopted pet in the home of every veteran who needs one.

No more homeless animals, no more veterans searching for a new best friend.

Our mission:

Unleashing hope™ for military veterans and shelter animals so that each may face a more promising future.

To uplift veterans lives and give them a renewed sense of purpose by inspiring them to adopt the most vulnerable shelter animals – for life.

Work well with others

Build a nationwide network of shelter/rescue and veterinary partners who share our values and vision

Give voice to the forgotten

Place dogs and cats at greatest risk of death or chronic homelessness into loving military homes

Share our love

Provide moral, educational, and financial support to nurture bonds between veterans and their pets

Champion pet adoption

Promote adoption as the only humane and moral alternative to buying or breeding animals 

Prevent animal surrender

Lower rates of return by reducing the lifetime costs of pet guardianship and promoting pets for life

Make our vision a reality for veterans and homeless pets