In 2023 we made great strides in the face of great challenges.

Despite a nationwide increase in stray intakes and chronic inflation, we boosted adoptions by double digits thanks to our loyal supporters and our tiny, yet mighty team. 


286 dogs + 80 cats =
366 veteran-pet adoptions

In 2023 shelters saw a 5% uptick in stray intakes and 3.5% fewer dogs were returned to their families. Nationwide, Charity Navigator estimates a 20%-30% drop in charitable giving owing to inflation. So we doubled down.

We made ongoing improvements to our outreach process, fine-tuned our daily operations, and made strategic investments in technology. Thanks to these efforts and amazing supporters, our 2023 adoptions increased 22%. Macro events are always beyond our control, but we are resolute in our commitment that promises made must be promises kept.


Programs in 42 states

In 2023 we said ‘see you again’ to a few friends and ‘hello’ to many more new ones as we continue to streamline our partner network to include those most dedicated to working together. As of the close of 2023 we have active partnerships in 42 states, including Hawaii – aloha! –  and continue to work towards our goal to establish thriving programs in all 50 states. As we grow, however, we will never sacrifice partner quality for partner quantity.


partners…and counting

237 shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, rescues, and municipal animal controls

116 full-service veterinary practices

898 VIP Petcare Wellness Centers and Community Clinics

    Hero fund

    20 pets received quality-of life, life extending, and palliative care through our hero fund, up 25% over 2023

    Cornelia is an elderly Army veteran whose husband Ed, himself a Navy veteran, passed away after a long, costly illness. She reached out to us for help paying for her dog Gracie’s veterinary care.

    Donations to our hero fund paid for Gracie’s preventatives, vaccinations, and other basic needs so that she can continue to be Cornelia’s 10-pound lifeline.

    When BJ adopted Thunder in 2017, the Air Force veteran knew that someday the disabled pup might need surgery on his club feet.

    That day came in 2023 when Thunder had his right front paw amputated. We’re proud to help veterans and pets in our program weeks, months, and even years after adoption.

    Shortly after Hammer was adopted his new dad Konner learned that the big pup has a chronic and painful knee deformity that was impacting his quality of life.

    The Air Force veteran asked for our help paying for a costly medical supplement. Thanks to our hero fund donors, Hammer is now able to go up and down stairs, and go for walks with his family – pain free!

    More than $63,000 disbursed to veterans through our adoption and anniversary programs towards pet food and other essentials, a 14% increase from 2022

    Hardship support

    20 veterans received $11,000 of hardship support to avoid surrendering their beloved pets to the shelter

    David is a Navy veteran and for the past seven years has cherished little Abby, now 13 years old and counting. But recently the cost of caring for Abby risked sinking the family budget.

    It only took a single gift from our hardship fund to help David right his ship. Thanks to our donors we can answer the call when our veterans and pets need us most.

    Sarah served in the Army and her husband is active duty, which means the family moves where the military needs them most.

    Recently Sarah packed up their adopted dog Tex and set upon their 3,000-mile drive cross-country to the family’s new duty station. Our hardship fund helped Tex get settled into his new home with food and other essentials.

    Scott is a Vietnam veteran who fell ill to Covid, making everyday tasks a challenge. We offered to help with Coco where we could.

    Support through our hardship fund helped to ease the Navy veteran’s burden during his convalescence. We’re grateful to donors who understand that sometimes a small helping hand is all someone needs to get back on their feet.

    Give with confidence

    Charity Navigator 4-star rating

    100% Four-Star All Stars

    Pets for Patriots continues to earn a 100% Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator. This is the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator, whose prestigious, third-party accreditation validates our nonprofit’s operational excellence.

    And year after year we earn Candid’s Platinum Seal of Transparency for sharing our goals, capabilities, strategies, achievements, and progress.

    And we celebrated 13 years serving veterans and saving shelter animals!

    What’s next

    In 2024 we will continue to build upon the lifesaving work made possible through the generosity of individuals, grantors, sponsors, and businesses alike.

    Be a part of our journey.