2022 was another challenging year. Inflation soared just as the impacts of Covid waned. But our loyal supporters helped make life better for hundreds of veterans and shelter animals..



217 dogs + 53 cats =
293 veteran-pet adoptions

The pandemic has mostly subsided and animal welfare organizations re-opened their doors to the public, but inflation soon followed. Donors cut back or canceled contributions. More veterans reached out for help. So in 2022 we surged support through our hardship and hero funds to help veterans with everyday pet costs and essential veterinary care. While macro events are beyond our control, we are resolute in our commitment that promises made must be promises kept.


40+1 states nationwide

In 2021 we started streamlining our partner network to focus on those most dedicated to working together. We continued that effort in 2022 to ensure that our network is comprised of the most committed animal health and welfare partners. As of the end of 2022 we have active partnerships in 40 states plus the District of Columbia. And while our goal is to operate in all 50 states, we will not sacrifice partner quality for partner quantity.


SINCE 2010

537 shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, rescues, and municipal animal controls

464 full-service veterinary practices


    Hero fund

    16 pets received $15,443 worth quality-of life, life extending, and palliative care through our hero fund

    In 2018 Eva and Mika were a bonded pair of senior cats. Four years later, Eva was discovered to have hyperthyroidism and was in the early stages of kidney disease.

    Thanks to our hero fund donors, Eva received radio-iodine therapy and extensive follow up care. Eva is doing well and back to being a frisky feline!

    Keaton was adopted into our program five years ago and began to lose his vision due to a non-cancerous mass on his left eyelid.

    Our hero fund paid for Keaton’s mass removal, to the great relief of his Navy mom. We’re proud to help veterans and pets in our program weeks, months, and years after adoption.

    Jordy was found to have severe dental disease after his 2022 adoption that his Army dad could not afford to fix. Left untreated, he faced serious dental and other health issues.

    Because of our supporters’ generosity we were able to pay for Jordy’s dental surgery and ensure his million dollar smile for years to come.

    Nearly $56,000 disbursed to veterans for ‘welcome home’ pet adoption essentials and to members of our anniversary program


    Hardship support

    36 veterans received hardship support to care for their four-legged family, a 28% increase over 2021

    Chaz was traveling cross country with his best bud Stella when his car was totaled. Both were safe, but the unexpected expense was a challenge.

    Our hardship fund provided vital support during the duo’s journey back home. Thanks to our donors we can answer the call when our veterans and pets need us most.

    Lloyd is a retired Navy veteran who fell on hard times. Rather than surrender his beloved Lizzy, he turned to our hardship fund for a helping hand.

    Lizzy continues to receive her prescription diet and supplements through our hardship fund, and keep her place as Lloyd’s ever so cuddlesome companion.

    A few months after adopting Beaux, Terra endured numerous personal tragedies, including a tree falling on her house and rendering it uninhabitable.

    Support through our hardship fund helped to ease her burden. “We appreciate the support during such difficult times.”


    Give with confidence

    100% Four-Star All Stars

    During 2022 we achieved our goal to earn a 100% Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit evaluator. This is the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator, whose prestigious, third-party accreditation validates our nonprofit’s operational excellence. Now more than ever, our supporters can give with confidence to provide sustaining support for veterans and pets nationwide.

    And we celebrated 11 years serving veterans and saving shelter animals!


    What’s next

    In 2023 we will continue to build upon the lifesaving work that is only possible with your support.

    Be a part of our journey.