Hardship program

Keeping veterans and pets together during financial crises

While our adoption program is at the heart of everything we do, keeping people and pets together during times of economic difficulty is equally vital.

Our hardship program arose in response to a growing need from veterans we serve who experience financial or personal crises that impacts their ability to provide for their adopted pets.

Many veterans served through our hardship program are elderly or otherwise with limited discretionary income. They are most vulnerable when a temporary financial crisis arrives.

The hardship program helps veterans buy pet food and other essentials, preventing surrender and economic euthanasia – a fancy term for killing a pet one can no longer afford.

Through relatively modest investments we ensure that our veterans can keep their beloved dogs and cats, and overcome short term crises without giving up their pets.

Historically our hardship program was supported through contributions to our general operating fund. In 2023 we created a restricted hardship fund, which means donations to it are used only for hardship program beneficiaries. This change was made to give more options to donors who prefer to direct their contributions to specific needs and help ensure the program’s long-term viability.