About Us

What we do

Pets for Patriots helps United States military veterans adopt a new pet friend while giving the most overlooked shelter dogs and cats hope and a home.

To promote the human-animal bond and reduce the chance of adopted animals being surrendered to shelters, Pets for Patriots provides veterans with various benefits to make pet guardianship more affordable over the life of the pet, including ‘welcome home’ contributions for pet food and other essentials, access to high-quality, discounted veterinary care, and discounts on a range of pet-related goods and services.

Pets for Patriots is not involved in the acquisition or training of service animals, or the adoption of retired Military War Dogs.

Why our work is needed:

Every day 20 veterans take their own lives. Every eight seconds a dog or cat is put to death for lack of anyone to adopt them. Companion pet adoption saves two lives.

What makes us different:

We are the only nationally operating nonprofit that:

        • Serves veterans at all career stages and from all armed forces, from WWII veterans to active duty
        • Focuses on the most overlooked sheltered animals
        • Addresses surrender prevention by making pet guardianship more affordable for our nation’s military veterans

What makes us special:

        • Governance by a strong, independent Board with industry leaders across military, government relations, finance, marketing, sales, animal behavior and defense
        • Single national headquarters ensures program integrity, and consistency across operations, processes, brand and messaging
        • Commitment to financial transparency and accountability, including submitting to annual independent audits even when not legally required
        • Due to our demonstrable proof of concept, we experience strong demand for our program from communities across the country

We are an IRS-recognized nonprofit organization:

Pets for Patriots, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing pets and people together in a lifelong bond of mutual friendship, loyalty and love. Our tax ID: 27-1082210.

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