Eligible pets

What is an eligible pet adoption?

Our goal is to give the most overlooked, undervalued dogs and cats a second chance at life through adoption.

The hard truth is that a majority of these types of companion pets will be killed or, if in a “no kill” facility, can languish for months – or years – without a home or family to call their own.

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Pets eligible for adoption in our program must meet only ONE of the following criteria:

Dog or cat, at least 2 years of age

 Dog or cat with special needs*

 Dog or cat homeless 6 months+

Dog 40+ pounds at adoption

Veterans must be approved by Pets for Patriots prior to pet adoption, and must adopt a pet meeting ONE of the above criteria from any of our program partners

*Special needs: birth defect, disability, or chronic medical condition, any of which must require lifelong care. Not sure if a pet qualifies? Ask us before you adopt!

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