Veteran benefits

Adopt your new best friend

Pets for Patriots helps veterans find, adopt, and care for their new best friends. “Ordinary” shelter/rescue dogs and cats who have an extraordinary capacity to love.

Veterans who adopt through Pets for Patriots receive a range of benefits to reduce the lifetime costs of having a pet and to nurture the person-pet bond.

Dogs and cats adopted through are program are for companionship and emotional support only. They are not service animals nor are they suitable for service training.

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Explore the benefits

Pets for Patriots helps military veterans adopt pets for life

Adoption Specials

Our shelter partners provide at least one additional benefit to you upon adoption, such as pet training, ‘day one’ essentials or adoption fee discounts.

Discounted pet care

Our veterinary partners offer a minimum 10% fee discount for pets adopted through our program, and VIP Petcare Community Clinics give $10 off each visit or purchase.

Members-only discounts

Exclusive discounts from high-quality pet e-tailers to help our adopters save money on pet health insurance, treats, pet food, medication, and supplies from trusted brands.

'Welcome home' gift card

 One-time $200 pet retailer gift card (for adoptions on/after 1/1/24; $150 for prior) to help buy pet food, supplies, and essentials, for use online or in-store. Arrangements available for veterans without internet access. 

Pre-adoption counseling

Have questions about pet adoption, our program, or just need a ‘helping paw’ at the shelter? Our team is available to make your pet adoption process as smooth as possible.

Post-adoption follow up

We’ve got your six! While our official follow up occurs over a one-year period, we’re always here if you have questions, need information or other help for your pet.

and more…

Save 5% at Banfield Pet Hospitals nationwide

Located in Petsmart stores, Banfield Pet Hospitals offer routine care, surgery, diagnostics and other veterinary services.

Member-only discount for VIP Petcare services

Veterans who adopt an eligible dog or cat through Pets for Patriots have access to additional savings on affordable routine and preventative veterinary care through our nationwide partnership with VIP Petcare.