Dog of fallen soldier in desperate need of a home

On this Veterans’ Day 2015 we received word that a young hero died after serving our country and now his dog is in desperate need of a home.

Rambo adoption appeal

Rambo’s soldier dad adopted him as a pup after returning from deployment. We hear that getting a dog was the first thing on his mind when he came home, and at Pets for Patriots we know the healing power of companion pets for our veterans and military service members.

Tragically, three years later Rambo’s soldier was killed after returning from combat deployment.

Grief stricken, this hero’s parents took Rambo in. Not only would their son have wanted it that way, but Rambo was a living, loving reminder of their late son. Since that time our hero’s father has fallen into ill health and Rambo’s mom was physically unable to care for the big, beautiful dog.

With very heavy hearts, the couple surrendered the now six year-old Rottweiller to Pequannock Animal Shelter in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, where he has been since September 18.

Rambo is completely heart broken, stressed and mentally deteriorating at the shelter. He needs stability in his life, and a family to love him as much as his late soldier did – and as much as the good folks at the shelter do now. They don’t want to see him suffer any longer, and neither do we.

A little more about Rambo:

  • Six years old, 120 pounds
  • Up-to-date on all vaccinations
  • Neutered
  • Completed Good Canine Citizen training
  • Would do best as the only dog with a young, active family

Please do not contact Pets for Patriots about Rambo; we are sharing his story in honor of his fallen soldier. All serious inquiries about adoption, foster or qualified rescue are welcome, and must be directed to the shelter caring for him:

Pequannock Animal Shelter


Ask for Amber or Carmen

Let’s get this boy the loving home he deserves, and that his late dad would want for him.




  1. Candice

    Please adopt this wonderful loyal furry friend RAMBO He is adorable

  2. Steven Fennel

    Called in ref to Rambo. Has he found a home? I’m a disabled vet & have 4 pups but I will cross post here local with my rescue if needed? God bless his dad & let me know if I can help

  3. Michael Bavaro

    I have tried calling the shelter a few times today, but just left a VM. I am interested in either fostering or adopting Rambo. Please return my call at 732-513-2609. Thank you.

  4. John sedlachek

    I would so love to have Rambo. I’m a service disabled veteran who in the last 6 mons have lost my rottweiler family of 3. All of my kids pasted away within 2 mons of each other. Gage (Dad) 13 y/o pasted 6 mons ago due to cancer. Diesel (son) 6 y/o pasted just 2 mons after his dad. Destiny (mom) 11 y/o I had to put her down due too kidney failure just 4 short days. I have yet to even return home since leaving the house Sunday evening for the vet due too the overwhelming sadness of a quiet home. If someone else has took Rambo I understand if not please get a hold of me I will drive to pick him up asap. THANK YOU SO MUCH GODBLESS

    • Trina

      You can contact Pequannock Animal Shelter at 1-973-835-3980 and ask for Amber or Carmen.

      I am so sorry for your losses. It is always so hard when we lose our furbabies.

      Thank you for your service!

  5. Liz

    Hello, I left a message earlier today. We would love to give Rambo a home! We are a young family with a 5 year old boy who would keep him young! 😉 we live in a nice house in Wayne with a huge yard!!!! No dogs, smoke free home and plenty of love! Please let me know. My name is Liz and I left a message on the machine at the shelter around 1:40pm! If not us I will be happy to hear he found a home!

    Thank you!

  6. Brooke McKibbin

    As a wife of a 14 year veteran, who was lucky enough to have him come home to me our children and family, my heart goes out to this fallen hero and his family. We applied to adopt Rambo, and are anxiously awaiting to hear back! We would like to honor this young mans sacrifice and service. We salute his family and send our love and prayers.

  7. Tabby Nelson

    I would love to give rambo a forever home, i live in minnesita but have family out there, so i would be willing to make the trip to get him…….is he still up for adoption, let me know please…..i had 2 rotties, they are great with kids and a huge part of the family

    • DC

      Yes, please contact the shelter.

  8. John J

    I am a reptile rescue who had had Rescued Rottweilers for the last 25 years as family members. My baby girl Zero which was an 11 year old Rottweiler lost her battle with cancer recently. I would love to give that big boy at home if he is still available. I live in Rogersville Tennessee and would be willing to travel to meet up with him.

    • DC

      Yes, he is still available. Please contact the shelter.

  9. randy

    I would take him in a heartbeat transport is isdue got to look into i got a female rotty and silver sheppard here in colorado national forest

  10. Lita

    We are a Basset hound family, with experience of pet relay cross country. We can assist with transportation, the length of NEBRASKA. East to West into Denver, CO if needed. We’d love to help Rambo get to a forever home. God’s speed Rambo for every need. ❤️?

  11. Heather Healey

    Wish I lived closer I’d take him in a heart beat he’s beautiful

  12. Nicole

    Is Rambo still up for adoption

    • DC


  13. Juliane shaw

    Hello, I just left a message. I will definitely without a doubt take this boy to maine. Waiting anxiously for instructions!

    Juliane Shaw

    Shaw Farm Specialty Meats 207-951-5928

  14. Jennifer Angus

    We would absolutely love to give Rambo a new home, however we have an 7.5 year old huskie/rot mix and 2 cats so I’m not sure if he’d do well. I would love to hear updates on Rambo though and that he has found a forever home!! 🙂 Sounds like many are willing to help.

  15. Paula and Teresa


    • DC

      Please contact the shelter, a foster home would be great for Rambo while he waits for a forever home!

  16. Virginia

    I look forward to hearing that he has a home. It sounds like many people are willing as am I. My family situation may not be the best choice however as I have 8 cats and a dobie mix but I would be willing to make it work if it becomes necessary. As a veteran I could not leave this soldier behind. Let me know if I can be of help if a better home comes along for this wonderful animal.

  17. Anthony Walton

    I completely understand this story, as I had to assist in rehoming for some of my fallen brothers. I would absolutely take Rambo. I am now a Wounded Warrior, now medically retired. Growing up on a farm, and enlisting while in Vet school, I find to be at the most ease and peace with animals. It has been recommended by my healthcare providers when they witnessed my ease when dogs were present at visits to the VA that I am to have a dog again. If Rambo is still needing a home, I’ll contact, and I hope to aid is his loss as he would in mine. While I am in Indiana, we will absolutely make the trip to save him.

    • bonnie

      Pequannock Animal Shelter


      Ask for Amber or Carmen

  18. Leslie

    Was ready to apply up until the only dog requirement. My boy is 12 and is dying of cancer…but he is still very much a part of our home. Will share him with other rottie lovers in the northeast.

  19. Alesia Litteral

    I am very interested in this site and would like to be kept in the system if you ever have any pets that need a home in Ohio. I do have a 9 year old Chocolate Lab and a 5 month old male cat, but they are very friendly. Let me know if I can be of service. Thank you,


    Alesia Litteral. 419-512-4982

  20. Roxy

    We have been looking for a service dog for my husband, who has PTSD among other things. We would love to give him a forever home

    • DJ Wright

      You can contact Merlin’s Kids for a service dog for your husband. They currently have dogs trained for PTSD and are awaiting the Veteran to serve!

  21. Kristal scott

    I’m in Tennessee or I would take him. I also have a rottie that’s 13 months old 96 lbs.

  22. Cort Stevens

    I heard about Rambo on pets for patriots. I am a disabled vet that lives on a 35 acre ranch. My wife and I had to put down our 2 Rotties this year due to cancer. My wife has a young new service dog, to assist her in her wheelchair.

    We would love to give Rambo a good home, we have had Rotties for over 18 years.

    Please contact me and let me know if this is possible, thank you.

    • bonnie

      Pequannock Animal Shelter


      Ask for Amber or Carmen

  23. David Dodge

    Just called and left a message as will gladly adopt him. We just lost our Rottie in July and would love Rambo to be part of our family. We are experienced dog owners and have our 3 acre yard set up with a Canine fence so he’d have plenty of room to run and play. Hopefully we will get a call back from Amber or Carmen.

    • Jodi c

      Pls follow up with the shelter if you are serious. Sounds like you woukd make a great forever home for him. Maybe they have an adoption application online you can start with. Good luck!!

  24. Candace

    We would love to have him we have to other rotties and 6 chiwaawas ? but it says he would only be good in a home without other dogs ? Hope he finds a wonderful home !!!

  25. Alex

    Just called. We are in Philadelphia and would be honored to give him a home!

  26. Doug

    They have a list of names, I’m sure someone will get this great dog

  27. Tammy

    Follow up please. …….has he found a forever home yet?????

  28. Charles Thomas

    just called, I am very interested in giving Rambo the forever home he deserves. I just lost my old buddy Rottie Bubba at 14 yrs old and I especially love Rotties. I did just adopt a Dobie from Pittsburg shelter and have been thru the adoption process. Frank the Dobie is neutered and good with other animals. I have 50 acres of mountain land and a nice home. My companions are only on a leash when it is for their safety or training. If Rambo has not found his home please contact me.

    • Linda Magrath

      Did you get him? Is he safe?

  29. Doug

    I just called 🙂

  30. Doug

    I’ll take him, happily 🙂

    • Genette

      I hope you can get him. We already have 2 dogs. Rotties are awesome!

    • bonnie

      Pequannock Animal Shelter


      Ask for Amber or Carmen

    • Shane

      I hope you do.. they are such love muffins.

  31. Carol

    We can assist with transport. Send us a message on our page

  32. Kathleem

    As a Rottweiler owner I am touched by this story. I live in California and I wish I could take him in. Rambo is absolutely precious and deserves to be in a loving home with a loving family. Rottweilers really are big dogs with big hearts.

    • Megan

      Kathleen, I’m sure that if you can take him, there are a thousand different people willing to help get him to California. Can you take him?

  33. Christina Hagewiesche

    My heart goes out to this young lad… I am currently watching my daughter’s Rottweiler, whom she adopted after her first tour… she is now away on her second tour. Wish I could take him, but I have one of my own as well. I shared this on FB in order to get this beautiful dog a good home. <3 Praying he gets one.

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