Dying veteran seeks home for beloved dog

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post.

An elderly veteran in hospice care near San Diego, California wants to ensure his beloved dog Gizmo has a new home. The gentleman has about a month to live and make arrangements for Gizmo, his only remaining family.

I was contacted by the veteran’s hospice social worker to help find that special individual or family who will honor this hero’s wishes and give Gizmo a wonderful life. Gizmo is a seven year-old male Shih Tzu with an incredibly sweet and gentle temperament. While he now lives harmoniously with a cat, it’s unknown if he likes all cats. He’s not fond of large dogs and has no known history with children.

For these reasons, Gizmo will probably do best as an only pet in a family with no small children, or possibly as a second pet in a small-dog family. He’s neutered, healthy and up-to-date on his vaccinations.

The veteran and Gizmo will remain together until this hero’s passing, but the gentleman would like to meet potential adopters during his remaining time. All viable, potential adopters should contact Beth Zimmerman immediately: info at petsforpatriots dot org.

P.S. Pictures as soon as we get them…


We’ve requested pictures and more information about Gizmo, as well as the veteran – including his name and address for people who’d like to send their good wishes. Believe me folks, we’re doing everything we can to get as much information as possible as quickly as we can, so that this hero can have peace of mind that his beloved Gizmo is going to a good family. In the meantime, we’re speaking with potential adopters and sharing information with the veteran’s hospice care team… stay tuned!


The veteran’s hospice care team will ask for permission to have cards and letters sent to him. If we get the green light, prepare for a major “We love you” card writing campaign! In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of little Gizmo!


The situation is even more urgent now that a potential adopter turns out not to be a match for Gizmo. For complete details, including new contact information for potential adopters and a more detailed profile of Gizmo, please see our post on Military.com… and share this story until Gizmo finds a home!



Gizmo lounging in style…


Gizmo protecting

Gizmo protecting his fuzzy toy bone


  1. Karen Rea DICKERSON

    My husband and I both came from military families. We also had parents that had animals when they died, they were very worried about them although both my brother and I and my brothers and sisters-in-law were the same. My dad took in a dog from a man in the Air Force who had cancer. The dog was a nightmare. Bit everyone. I asked Dad why he still had him. He said the guy he got him from wasn’t dead yet. And he promised. Well,Teac turned out to be great. He was the dog my dad died owning. He was always asking about his welfare when he was in the hospital. I know the anguish he must be going through. If no other home can be found I would be happy to adopt him. I do however live in Washington State.

  2. Kevin Ferris

    We lost our 16 year old about a year ago. I was very open to get a new kid when the universe opened the necessary doors to become a part of our family. Eddie the 16 yr old was an abused Jack Russell terrier, homeless dog and had adjustment problems when he chose to made our place his home. He needed gentle consistent reinforcement and a lot of love to take the street out of him but in 3 years he was well adjusted. If Gizmo is looking for a calm relaxing two adult home with no challenges for his retirement then our home is a good place for him to check out! Gizmo must understand that he is not the pack leader in this pack but he can challenge my partner anytime he chooses! LOL

  3. Beth Zimmerman

    Anyone interested in adopting Gizmo, please contact Pets for Patriots at info at petsforpatriots dot org … thank you!

  4. Angelsmom10

    My post disappeared.. I will take Gizmo and give him a very loving home… Can someone contact me what I have to do to get him?

  5. Angelsmom10

    If he has not been taken, I will take him…

  6. Lioness5719

    I will take him right now…..sight unseen. This man deserves peace before he dies and I would hope that someone would do the same for me. I am in Missouri, but arrangements can be made to get him here. I have experience with Shih Tzus and a great veterinarian for whatever the little one may need.

  7. Beth Zimmerman

    This is a very fluid situation and we’re doing everything we can to get more information, including pictures. We will absolutely update as soon as we get more… promise!!

  8. Jechris525

    Has Gizmo found a forever home yet? Are any pictures available?

  9. Morgan Jethro

    This story broke my heart! Can we have an update on the situation??


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