Help with pet veterinary costs

High anxiety: how to reduce pet stress at the veterinarian

Medical care expenses are among the biggest contributors to the overall costs of pet guardianship.

In 2020, pet veterinary costs made up 30% of the more than $103B that Americans spent on their pets. Pet medical care is second only to pet food costs.

Pets for Patriots partners with veterinary practices to provide high quality, discounted care to veterans who adopt through our program. We cannot help with pet veterinary costs for members of the general public or veterans who did not adopt through our program, without exception.

Click the name of each organization listed below for more information about available assistance and criteria to apply. We are not able to reply to individual comments on this post asking for help; please refer to the list below.

United States Department of Veteran Affairs

Pays for routine veterinary care and equipment for veterans’ service dogs; exclusions apply.

Dogs On Deployment

Provides financial assistance to qualifying service members E-6 ranks and below, and non-active veterans on an individual basis. Individuals can apply for grants for routine and emergency care, as well as for costs related to PCS travel with pets.

Frankie’s Friends

Helps with the treatment of emergency and specialty medical conditions where the pet would otherwise suffer, be euthanized, or relinquished without proper veterinary care. Grants capped at $1,000 per pet/household.

The Mosby Foundation

Programs offering financial assistance for critical care, cancer treatment, and spay/neuter, respectively.

Red Rover Relief Grants

Provides assistance grants for life-threatening or urgent veterinary needs for pets who have a promising outcome. Offers grants to help pets of domestic violence victims be sheltered or housed safely.

The Pet Fund

Provides financial aid for pets who need non-basic, non-urgent care.

Best Friends Animal Society

Offers a listing of resources by state and breed, as well as for individuals who are disabled or have assistance animals.

Trio Animal Foundation

Helps shelters, rescues, and individuals pay medical bills of homeless pets. After medical care, each pet is teamed with a therapy dog for emotional healing.

Red Rover

Provides a listing of organizations that provide financial assistance for veterinary care, organized by state/national, disease, breed, and other factors.

Humane Society of the United States

Listing provides both national and state-by-state listing of various organizations, funds, etc. for low/no-cost veterinary care.

Care Credit

Offers payment plans for individuals who need help with various types of bills, including veterinary care.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Offers charitable veterinary services to individuals facing personal hardships, as well as a means to support animals who are injured or rescued from abuse and neglect. Requests for support must come directly licensed AVMA veterinarians. A new Wetterberg Foundation Grant for Veterans is available for up to requests up to $1,000 made by AVMA veterinarians who are treating veterans’ companion dogs or professionally trained service animals.

Handicapped Pets Foundation

Donates mobility equipment to pets in need.

Magic Bullet Fund

Helps pay for canine cancer treatment only.

Live Like Roo

Support and financial assistance for pets with cancer.

FACE Foundation

Helps San Diego pet guardians with the cost of emergency veterinary care.

Pets of the Homeless

Provides food and emergency medical care to the pets of homeless individuals. Searchable state-by-state directory of assistance locations.


Pet-focused crowdfunding site that works directly with treating veterinarians.

Accredited veterinary colleges

These teaching hospitals often have programs that provide limited low-cost veterinary care to the public.

Barter services

Ask your pet’s treating veterinarian if there are any projects or odd jobs for which they need assistance. If you have the skills to help, find out if you can barter in exchange for all or part of your pet’s medical bill.

You may have skills in light construction, customer service, or computer technology or programming that are valuable to your veterinarian’s practice. Perhaps they need an extra hand to clean their clinic, make deliveries, or other valuable tasks.

Plan for the unexpected

Pets for Patriots members are eligible to receive a 15% discount from Petplan, rated America’s number one pet insurance provider and the exclusive pet insurance sponsor of our charity.

You might choose to insure your pet, set aside medical funds in your family budget to help with pet veterinary costs – or both. Always have a financial plan to care for your pet’s veterinary needs.


  1. betty smith

    The wounded worrier program is great. But we need to pass a bill for pets in need. Help with vet bills, hospital care. We all need to write to our congressman and have him or her form a bill to be run through the Senate and the house, this bill should be a complete and a order from the American who live in this here USA. THANK YOU BETTY A SMITH

  2. Li Wen Rui

    I believe that this company (Wings For Warriors Is able to help with that and way more. They are truly awesome and helpful to the families and veterans!

  3. Joan

    We live in Spokane Wa. My son is a disabled vet. I am aunable to help him with his beloved senior mini dachshund get her teeth extrated and cleaned. At this time neither of us can afford this. It breaks my heart for him. Is there any vet that can do this in the area for a very low cost or take small payments. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joan

    • bethz

      Hi Joan,

      We don’t know of any veterinarians in your area, but suggest that your son apply to Dogs On Deployment for assistance.


  4. Dani

    A veteran friend is in need of vet care help for his companion dog who was diagnosed with cancer. He maxed his cc for the surgery but he will now need chemo which is so costly. They reside in Portland Oregon. Any resources I can send him would be amazing and so greatly appreciated.

  5. Mike Cline

    My name is Mike, 1st Cav Vet, and I am in the Northern Phoenix AZ area. My service dog started limping on his left rear leg on Saturday, he has since stopped limping but now he hides and shakes. He is also throwing up white foam. I am begging for anyone that can see him to please do so. I do not have the vet fees due to my lack of income after treatment. I can offer to promise to make payments or possible trade services.

  6. Amanda May

    I am a veteran and my husband a disabled veteran we have four children and live in Indiana near Louisville KY. We got a skinny little stray who was matted and covered in fleas and my husband don’t get paid again till the first of the month we can see her bones. I cut the mats off her fur bathed her and killed the fleas but now her bones are clearley visible our children love her. She threw up yesterday and we are worried about her but can’t afford a vet visit till next month.. I don’t want her to suffer..idk what to do her being sick and the shelters so overpopulated I’m scared to turn her in they might uthanise her…please help!

  7. L REESE

    We live in New Orleans I am a veteran and my wife is an elementary school teacher. My daughters two year old cat is very ill. we applied for care credit but we were denied. We have already depleted our funds spend approximately $1,300 at two veterinarians on the same day. Once at our vet and then we were referred to a specialist. We are at our wits end.

  8. Sarah

    My boyfriend is a 100% disabled Veteran. His Rottie of 10 years was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It has not spread to his lungs yet, which makes him a good candidate for amputation and chemotherapy. However, we can not afford the cost that is required to end the pain and extend his life. Can anyone offer suggestions on what we can do to help save his dog before the cancer spreads?

    • bethz

      Sarah, as noted in our post, have your boyfriend contact the third resource on the list: Dogs On Deployment. Best of luck with his pup.

  9. robert

    Do you know of any programs that offer free or lost cost teacup dogs for veterans. I have a Chihuahua, I wanted another little dog

  10. william lamb

    [ am a service vet with stage 4 caner my dog a sherped mix need help can not aford avet i live in st pete fla i just had my bladder removed n can aford my med s he is my best freind best dog i ever had it hurts to see him in is condion please help

  11. Debbie Frank

    My son is a veteran suffering from severe PTSD, he recently got a service dog who has helped him tremendously. We just found out the she needs surgery as it will cost thousands of dollars that he doesn’t have ???? We live in Louisiana, I was wondering if you know of any help that may be available to help pay for some of the vet bills?

  12. Nick L. Lindner

    im a non-service connected disabled Army veteran on a very limited income and Im trying to find someplace/someone who can help by providing vaccines for my little “Mollie May”. She is a miniature italian greyhound and she needs all her shots, spayed, nails clipped and microchip. ive heard that there are places locally that help veterans and their pets. She was given to me and im not sure exactly how old she is but im sure she is not yet a year old. Please reach out and help me please. I can afford a very small payment once a month, but NOT much.

    • bethz

      Hi Nick,

      Thank you for your service.

      As noted in our post, you may want to apply for a Pet Chit from Dogs On Deployment, which assists veterans with various needs for their personal pets. You can apply here.

      ​You may want to see as well if there are any VIP Petcare clinics near you. They offer very affordable vaccine packages for dogs and cats. Find the ones nearest you here.

      Pets for Patriots

  13. Jeremy Fox

    5m a disable vet, with two dogs that keep me company all day. Since I 5suffer from agoraphobia I need them with me at alle5
    ast times. One of my dogs ear is swollen up real bad and the other one is swelling up now. One veterinarian said it cost $500.00 just for one ear.
    Which there is no way way i can afford it because I’im on disability
    which barely pay.s my bills. My dog is like another child to me. I beg you to please help me fix my my dogs ear. Thank you for your consideration.

    u to PLEASE HELP ME, I love her deeply scared she might go def . I


  14. cassandra jackson

    I need help to take my doggy to get a check up can’t afford financial aid can’t afford the vet bills either fall on hard times please she is the sweet as pie i wish i can help her but this the only i can help please answer this prayer for my sweet doggy.Thank you for your time Cassandra Jackson

  15. Chris

    I am an OIF/OEF vet and will be traveling to the VA in Hawaii for a PTS program. I will be taking my service dog with me, but cannot afford the test and shot updates which are required for her to enter the state. I am looking for any guidance or financial assistance you may be able to offer. I will not be leaving for the program until April 23rd, but I am trying to get this taken care of ahead of time. Thank You.



  16. bethz

    Hi Deanna,

    Please review all of the options in the blog post in which you commented. You may want to see as well if your state offers any support for service animals. Best of luck for your pup.

    Pets for Patriots

  17. Deanna Tindall

    Hi. I am an 80% service connected Veteran. My service dog has just became sick with Diebetise he is only 4 yrs old. The hospital bill is $360.00. I just need help with that I can manage the Insulin, special food etc. I live in Co. Springs, Co. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  18. Rhonda Glaser

    There SHOULD be some organization to help veterans that have emotional support dogs that need veterinary care and they can afford it as well as prosthetic devices which is the situation I am in.

  19. Billy

    Husbands ptsd dog has developed a severe cough we cant pay for a vet. We are within 15 mi of Spokane wa.

  20. Joe Kenick Jr. Army '56 to '62

    All of the above posts are lacking one critical piece of info.
    Where, at least within 50 miles of some landmark does this pet and qualifying owner dwell.

    Furnishing that bit of key data will greatly help those who want to help them.

  21. Travis Neuman

    I am an active duty military member. My best friend has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and requires chemotherapy. Any assistance to help so I can pay the vet for treatment is requested. I love my dog and want to get him the treatment he needs. Please help.

  22. Jamie

    I am100% service connected and my dog is very ill. I need help. She is my companion. My son is helping but we can’t afford the bills. Have been sent away from two vets.

  23. Jeff holder

    Dav feeling all ur pain lost 1 dog in july now my other. Therapy dog needs surgery this justs sucks cant find help!! Just found this site my heart goes out to u all. My birthday is 111169 happy vet. Day god bless u and ur loved ones

  24. Darek Smallman

    Please help me 480-717-8908

  25. Darek Smallman

    My name is Darek I have an American Bulldog that needs help I’m a disabled Vet at the lowest part in my life I need some help please I can’t lose my Dozer

  26. Shaun Armstrong

    I have a ptsd dog and I am on a limited income. Cocoa is thirteen years old and has been my life long friend and companion. He is suffering for hip dyspepsia and in need of medication. Can any one give me guidance please ? Please contact me at I thank you from my heart.

  27. Nicole Jones

    I am a wounded warrior being medically retired and my Emotional Support Pet has a condition – indolent Corneal Ulcer. We have care Credit and have been utilizing it as well as out of pocket. We simply can not afford the payments or out of pocket expenses. We have spent over $1,000 in Vet bills since July. We are requesting financial assistance towards vet bills (past and upcoming) as well as flea medication. I have gone through so many sites and all I get is “no”. Can you help us?

  28. Clark B. Ramos

    I’m a a service connected disabled veteran asking help for my pomerainian dog’s health care. Please call me, Clark at (707)319-0455 & (707) 509-7509 ?
    Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

  29. norman cannon

    I am a veteran and I need some financial help for my cat! I see a lot of people out there asking for donations and advertising how they can help so I spend a lot or time searching for help only to find they can’t help!?

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