Blount County Animal Center

About Blount County Animal Center

Blount County Animal Center offers dog and cat adoptions to veterans through its partnership with Pets for Patriots, and will help them find their new best friends. The facility accepts animals from across the county, and has historical adoption rates of 90% and 60%, respectively, for dogs and cats.

As part of its commitment to the well-being of animals in their care, Blount County Animal Center has a full-time veterinarian on staff as well as a volunteer professional trainer, who is available to work with any adopter who needs assistance. To help promote the humane treatment of animals, the shelter is open to schools and other civic groups for tours and educational classes.

The Blount County Animal Center is funded in part through Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation (SMACF), a 501(c)(3) organization that supports the shelter financially and through volunteer management. In-kind donations are equally welcome, including KONG toys, dry puppy and kitten food, and various cleaning supplies; see their needs list for details. For a more hands on experience, become one of their valued volunteers.

Adoption Fees Include:

Vaccinations, including rabies
Bag of pet food
Toy or gift of choice: leash, food dish, etc.
Free veterinary visit at one of two local clinics

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