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About Commencement Bay Animal Hospital

Commencement Bay Animal Hospital provides experienced and compassionate care to dogs and cats with cancer and other medical problems. Owner and veterinarian Dr. Comer is an Internal Medicine specialist (ACVIM) who, in 2011, expanded her practice to provide specialist level primary care. Dr. Comer and her staff are committed to educating and engaging clients in the lifelong care of their animal family. The practice strives to promote a low stress environment for patients in the clinic.

Dr. Comer is passionate about community involvement and is on the board of the Pierce County 4-H organization and is actively involved in the county and state fair. In addition, she is an active member of local bicycle clubs, volunteers for local schools and hosts intern students from the local veterinary technology program.

Commencement Bay Animal Hospital is licensed and offers a wide range of services companion animals in need of specialized internal medical and/or oncology care.


Routine wellness care
On-site ultrasound, radiology (x-ray) and endoscopy
On-site laboratory
Cancer diagnostics and chemotherapy
Consultation and treatment for medical conditions including renal (kidney) failure, liver disease, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer

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