Quincy Animal Shelter

About Quincy Animal Shelter

Quincy Animal Shelter offers dog and cat adoptions to veterans in the Boston metro area through its partnership with Pets for Patriots.

As part of its mission to promote humane education and care, Quincy Animal Shelter operates a feral cat program to support low-cost trap/spay-neuter/return (TNR). In addition, the organization started Mickey’s Medical Fund to help defray extraordinary veterinary expenses for some of the animals in their charge.

The Quincy Animal Shelter welcomes monetary donations, in addition to in-kind donations; see their complete wish list for details. For a more hands-on experience, become one of their valued volunteers or pet fosters.

Adoption Fees Include:

Age-appropriate vaccinations
Basic veterinary exam
Heartworm and tick borne diseases screening (dogs)
Heartworm preventative (while at shelter)
FeLV/FIV test (cats)
Flea/tick preventative (while at shelter)
Microchip for permanent identificationSpay/neuter


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