Adoption program

Giving veterans emotional support while saving shelter animals no one wants

Every day 20 veterans take their own lives. And each year on average the population of shelter animals killed for lack of anyone to adopt them would fill all Major League Baseball stadiums combined.

Our signature adoption program is at the heart of everything we do. It brings the healing love of an emotionally supportive companion pet to veterans who need it. It saves the lives of the most vulnerable dogs and cats who deserve a second chance at life. And it gives animal shelters a new channel to highlight and place the most overlooked, undervalued animals in their care, making room for others who need to be saved.

Companion pets help veterans in so many ways. They give veterans a new sense of purpose, some even a reason to live. They reduce the impacts of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and loneliness – and ease the hardships of deployments on military families.

Pets for Patriots is proud to serve veterans from WWII to active duty and who live within one of our nationwide program areas. Once approved, veterans may have up to two eligible dogs or cats at any given time, adopted simultaneously or over time.

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