Rescue dog who joined Marine veteran’s family a ‘stunning miracle’

Rescue dog who joined Marine veteran's family a 'stunning miracle'

“I have over 40 years of pet experience and I consider the pet-free periods in my life to be incomplete.”

For as long as Rick can remember companion pets have had a place in this Marine Corps veteran’s life. In early January 2023 after visiting our partners Lollypop Farm Humane Society of Greater Rochester he met and adopted then four year-old Kyra.

This is the family’s story, in Rick’s own words.

“I am hers”

I cannot even begin to describe the gratitude my family and I – and Kyra – have for all that Pets for Patriots have done for us. Thank you all so much for doing what you do.

It’s hard to believe Kyra has been in our home for exactly one month as of today. It feels like she’s been here for years.

Throughout my life I have rescued many dogs and other animals. There have been many awesome experiences.

But Kyra has dumbfounded me. Since the moment we met her, she belongs with us.

It’s like the universe chose this to happen. 

Before we even left the shelter, she assumed her connection [and] role in our new pack. She quietly sat against me and deliberately stayed between [me and] anyone who approached. 

I am hers. 

She got on the leash, sniffed her way directly from the door to my truck, and jumped in as soon as I opened the door.

“Let’s go,” she says. 

Soul sisters

She treats our teenage daughter Jenna like a teenage sister. She absolutely loves our autistic four year-old daughter Hanna.

Kyra even seems to enjoy the healthy dose of hyperactive, overbearing attention that comes with toddler loving. Those two, in particular, are a team of super villainy.

This next part will sound highly improbable, but I assure you [is] very real.

As I stated, our four year-old is autistic. We are unsure as to how autistic because she has been almost entirely non-verbal.

But since Kyra has come home, Hanna has increased her communication efforts to the point that even her speech therapists are in awe.

Love and gratitude

My wife hasn’t had a pet since she was a child. She was very resistant to the idea of getting a dog.

For the record, my wife is the one who found Kyra on an adoption website. Cara also discovered Pets for Patriots on the day I was paying to put Kyra on a hold status.

My wife has been completely won over by our new furry family addition.

Kyra sleeps in our bed. Kyra sleeps on the couch. Somehow, I can communicate with her using only nods or hand gestures. 

Kyra is a stunning miracle, and so is Pets for Patriots for helping Kyra come to our home. From the depths of our hearts, we are so thankful for you and all that you do.


  1. Alyson A.

    Thank you for your service. How wonderful that God brought your family and Kyra together! It was meant to be.

  2. Anna Marie O'Quinn

    When I looked at this picture I howled with laughter.
    For Rick and Kyra, “let the adventures begin!”

  3. Carolyn J. Miller

    God has had His hands in all of your lives! Remember to thank Him for this blessing. My heart melts as I read about your family and th your new special “daughter’, Kyra. Keep loving each other, let God have His way, and many thanks to you for bringing Kyra into your home and heart!

  4. Panda J.

    What an uplifting start to my day, reading this ! There is God’s hand evident in your story, for sure. I wish all of you a very long, happy life together.

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