Veterinarian FAQ

Does our discount apply to other pets veterans may have in addition to any adopted through Pets for Patriots?

It is solely your discretion to extend the discount to a veteran’s other personal pets. Many of our veterinary partners do because it’s easier for billing purposes and good business, too. We allow veterans in our program to have up to two program-eligible pets per person/per household at any given time, so the discount at minimum must be extended to veterans’ Pets for Patriots’ dog(s)/cat(s).

Can we ask for military ID or discharge papers?

No. We are experienced at reviewing a wide range of documentation relating to a veteran’s status, branch of service, etc., and have specific information we seek during such reviews. Pets for Patriots approves applicants after we have verified their credentials to the best of our ability. Further, those documents contain confidential and highly sensitive information. You may ask for other ID that is part of your customary client onboarding process, e.g., driver’s license, rental agreement, utility bill, etc.

Can a veteran adopt more than one pet and bring to us for care?

Yes! Pets for Patriots members may have up to two program-eligible pets at any time. For both to receive full benefits, including reduced-cost veterinary care, both pets must have a veterinary letter from us. The veteran may adopt both pets simultaneously or over time. Our veterinary partners are required to extend their agreed-upon discount to both Pets for Patriots dogs/cats.

There are no shelter/rescue partners in our community; can we still apply?

Yes! A member of our team will follow up and will likely ask you to suggest potential shelter/rescue partners that you believe may want to join as well. Please get in touch!