Three’s family with three-legged dog

Astrid is a three-legged special needs dog honorably adopted by two Air Force service members, Kristina and Johnathon. Her story illustrates why Pets for Patriots is so committed to the adoption of last-chance pets by military families. Our thanks to Kristina for sharing their story with us.

Astrid's adoptionI met my husband through the Air Force. We are both enlisted currently stationed at Langley. We fell in love instantly and just work well together. I recently lost my grandmother who was like a mother to me. I was heartbroken. Not long after I had to have surgery on my ankle, resulting in three screws permanently embedded, restricting my mobility. Luckily I’m not broken enough for a medical discharge yet. We both plan to stay in the military until we retire.

My husband and I wanted to expand our family, and we aren’t ready for kids so we wanted to get a dog! We started talking and decided to get a puppy or older dog from the shelter.

I haven’t been in too long to have that many experiences. Johnathon and I have served a little over two years, and plan to stay in for another 18. We would like to go to Korea and then Germany before we have kids, so that way they don’t have to go through country changes too early.

After we knew what dog we wanted, Johnathon started researching handicapped dogs, treatments and training. That’s how he found Pets for Patriots and we knew that this was the program we wanted to use to adopt Astrid. Luckily, the shelter we were using happened to have the paperwork for the program too!

[sws_pullquote_left]Don’t ask me why, but we kind of agreed that the dog HAD to have three legs. [/sws_pullquote_left]

There was a yellow lab, but by the time we contacted the owner she had been sold. We continued to look until we found Astrid (formerly known as Pash). We fell in love with her and her story.

She was found on the side of the road, no one knew how long she had been injured, but she wouldn’t walk on her front left paw. By the time the vet looked at her there was no hope. So they took the entire leg. She was only three to four months old. Astrid on the couch

We adopted her May 19, 2011. She was still getting use to walking, and fell often. She never barks at people, unless they just open the door without knocking, which is hilarious. You can ring the doorbell, and she just waits by the door looking back at you to open it. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle and invade your space.

[sws_pullquote_left]We get a lot of looks and people making the “sad” face. I instantly tell them to stop and knock it off. [/sws_pullquote_left]

She’s fine, just like any other dog. Her favorite toy is a one of those “roaring” dragons from How to Train Your Dragon.

I love my puppy. She has the funniest personality, even though she sometimes has an attitude problem.

Astrid with her toy


  1. Wayne

    we adopted a three-legged dog two years ago. sweetest heart of any animal i have had (and have had many.) we have a very large yard with no fences, and she will not stay within her boundaries… we are unable to fence, and the electric fence that we established does not stop her from advancing beyond it. Ronnie, is a car accident survivor with a lost front limb and some reconstruction work to her tongue and jaw. She runs faster, and keeps up with our other sheppard mix. She is a black lab / pit mix and only about love and chasing after her ball. We are looking for a veteran with a lost limb to accept her into his/her world as a companion. My kids are now going off to college, and it is time for us to let her go to someone who needs her more than we do. she is a wonderful dog, but i will not allow her to be leashed up any longer. she needs a fenced yard and someone that will love her. those are our only requirements.

  2. Amanda Jane Finnell

    What a darling little girl! Love this attitude, “My husband and I wanted to expand our family, and we aren’t ready for kids so we wanted to get a dog!” I think this is the best advice any young couple could give. Great story!


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