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If you submitted a pre-qualification form more than 12 months ago you will be asked to resubmit so that we have your current information. If you filled out this form previously and are unsure of the date, please email us here.

Pets for Patriots accepts pre-qualification applications from active, separated, retired, and reserve military who live within 40 driving miles of one of our adoption partners.

Pre-qualifications that are rejected due to not meeting this criteria are automatically reviewed by our team.

You can check your address here.

And please DO NOT fill out this application unless you are committed to adopting a pet meeting ONE of the criteria listed here and doing so from one of our shelter/rescue partners. This allows us to spend our limited time and resources on veterans who would most benefit from our program.

Please review and confirm the statements below to access our pre-qualification application. This will help us focus on veterans who may be eligible for our companion pet adoption program.

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Patriot pre-qualification

Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your application. Doing so requires us to fix your entries manually, delaying your application and those of other veterans. Thank you!

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