Boogity! Boogity! Let’s go racin’ Clyde!

The Basics

  • My name is Clyde
  • On my last birthday, I was 2
  • I've been homeless since February 8, 2017

The Good Stuff

  • My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is Play with my doggy friends. Maybe my person will have another pooch at home, or will at least take me on lots of puppy play dates.
  • This is what I dream about when I dream about my perfect person or family: Someone who would take me on long walks and let me cuddle with them. I would even like a dog of my own, but do not want a kitty because they make me nervous.

My Shelter/Rescue Representative

  • The shelter/rescue caring for me is St. Joseph Bay Humane Society
  • It's located in Port St. Joe, FL
  • I'm available to be adopted out of state.
  • Contact this person to meet me Caisey Rodgers
  • Call: (850) 227-1103
  • Email: [email protected]

One Comment

  1. How handsome! These dogs,are loyal, loving and smart! Always rescue and adopt! Thanks to all you the compassionate people who help, rescue and volunteer.

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