Meet Juju

The Basics

  • My name is Juju
  • On my last birthday, I was 2
  • I am a boy
  • I've been homeless since August 29, 2022

The Good Stuff

  • My best trick is snuggling! So you might not think that's a trick, but hey - I'm a cat. If I say it's a trick, it's a trick.
  • Me in three words: loving, homebody, gentle
  • How I feel about other critters: I'm cool with cat-friendly dogs and passive kitties. I kinda like to be boss boy of my domain, m'kay?
  • My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is to sit near you - even quieter than a mouse! - when you're on the couch or working at home.
  • This is what I dream about when I dream about my perfect person or family: a quiet household that will give me the confidence that I have a forever home. You see, my previous family had financial problems and had to give me up. So it's very important to me to know that my new person or family will be able to care for me always. Trust me, I'm so worth it! Check out my vid and let's schedule a date. I'm the best friend you haven't met yet!
  • See my shelter/rescue online bio here
  • Did I mention I'm an internet star?
    Check me out here

My Shelter/Rescue Representative

  • The shelter/rescue caring for me is Helen Sanders CatPAWS
  • It's located in Seal Beach, CA
  • Contact this person to meet me Deborah Felin
  • Call: (562) 489-9268
  • Email: [email protected]

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