Meet Mochi

The Basics

  • My name is Mochi
  • On my last birthday, I was 2
  • I am a girl
  • I've been homeless since August 15, 2018

The Good Stuff

  • My best trick is finding and chewing sticks!
  • Me in three words: happy, independent, gentle
  • How I feel about other critters: I love everybody! I may not be able to keep up all the time, but I skip along and try really hard to hang with the pack. I never give up!
  • My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is :sticks. You might not think sticks are *a thing* - but trust me, they are to me! I love sniffing them, chewing them, carrying them... I could chomp on a stick for hours. Adopt me and I'll show you. :)
  • This is what I dream about when I dream about my perfect person or family: a home where my humans will love and care for me no matter what. Special Pals took me in after I was thrown over their 8-foot gate in the dark of night. I have dwarf syndrome so my eyesight isn't very good and my legs don't move the same way as other dogs. Is that why my people threw me away? I landed at a very safe place, but I want a home! And even though I was abandoned so cruelly I still love everyone I meet. So come visit me; I'm sure I'll love you, too!
  • Did I mention I'm an internet star?
    Check me out here

My Shelter/Rescue Representative

  • The shelter/rescue caring for me is Special Pals
  • It's located in Houston, TX
  • I'm available to be adopted out of state.
  • Contact this person to meet me Erin McCollum
  • Call: (281) 579-7387
  • Email: [email protected]

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