Meet Nosey


The Basics

  • My name is Nosey
  • On my last birthday, I was 2
  • I am a boy
  • I've been homeless since May 1, 2020

The Good Stuff

  • My best trick is playing with fishing pole toys - I just can't get enough! Okay, so that's not a trick. I'm a cat. Tricks are for dogs. :)
  • Me in three words: active, observant, and sassy
  • How I feel about other critters: I would need to meet them first - natch! I had a roommate in Purrington Lounge, Miss Tressie, but she found a home. Truth be told, I'd be purrfectly happy as your only cat and BFF!
  • My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is nap on my cat tree! Now all I need is a window so that I can look outside at some real trees, m'kay?
  • This is what I dream about when I dream about my perfect person or family: an adult-only home that's experienced with cats like me. You know the kind: a little spicy, demand your attention, sometimes want the humans to play with me. The people at the shelter tell me I'm the best cat tester and can easily adapt to other kitties' styles, so if you have another cat in the home we should meet. And please - no kiddos! I'm way to sassy for the wee ones!
  • See my shelter/rescue online bio here
  • Did I mention I'm an internet star?
    Check me out here

My Shelter/Rescue Representative

  • The shelter/rescue caring for me is Jersey Shore Animal Center
  • It's located in Brick, NJ
  • I'm available to be adopted out of state.
  • Contact this person to meet me Laurie Fasinski
  • Call: (732) 920-1600
  • Email: [email protected]

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