Meet Umami

The Basics

  • My name is Umami
  • On my last birthday, I was 1
  • I am a girl
  • I've been homeless since September 9, 2022

The Good Stuff

  • My best trick is bird watching. You might not think this is much of a trick with me being a cat, but I elevate it to a high art.
  • Me in three words: laid-back, easy to love, gentle soul
  • How I feel about other critters: I'm cool with other cats and respectful dogs. I'm easy peasy!
  • My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is to on the perch by the window to evaluate the world around me. I'm a bird and squirrel watcher extraordinaire!
  • This is what I dream about when I dream about my perfect person or family: a quiet roommate who's looking for the same vibe. No loud chaos, just chillaxin'. I'm a gentle soul who radiates peace and love, and bring a calm curiosity to everything and everyone around me. You could say I'm one cool cucumber of a cat!
  • See my shelter/rescue online bio here

My Shelter/Rescue Representative

  • The shelter/rescue caring for me is Fredericksburg SPCA
  • It's located in Fredericksburg, VA
  • I'm available to be adopted out of state.
  • Contact this person to meet me Allie Names
  • Call: (540) 898-1500
  • Email: [email protected]

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