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Pets for Patriots has joined forces with Bobby Nashville and Nashville Humane Association to match well-mannered canine companions with veterans in the community.

Hotel Hounds

Our work builds upon Bobby Nashville’s Dog-In-Residence Pet Program, where one very lucky dog at a time is selected in collaboration with Nashville Humane to receive socialization and training before being made available for adoption.

Each ‘Bobby dog’ spends daytime hours at the hotel, goes home nightly with an employee, and learns basic manners and obedience through one of Nashville’s premier dog training experts. In a few months the dog is ready to check out of the hotel to be a faithful companion to an area veteran.


I’m Hairy

I was Bobby Nashville’s most recent dog-in-residence until I adopted a Navy family in June 2023. I can ‘shake’ with both paws, and I love kids, babies, dogs (even cats!) almost as much as I love peanut butter – yum!

More about me

meet hairy

Good partners, good pets

All members of the partnership play a role in helping dogs go from homeless to home.

Bobby Hotels

  • Gives input into the dog’s routines, personality, and unique qualities
  • Sponsors obedience training
  • Provides socialization with hotel guests and other pets
  • Sponsors Nashville Humane’s adoption fee
  • Donates five post-adoption training sessions per dog

Nashville Humane Association

  • Reviews each applicant to find the best match
  • Provides veterinary care during the dog’s stay at the hotel
  • Is the adoption agency of record for each Bobby dog

Pets for Patriots

  • $150 gift card for approved Pets for Patriots adoptions
  • Post-adoption follow up for one year
  • Discounted veterinary care
  • Savings on pet essentials like food and medicine
  • Is the organization of record for each veteran applicant

How it works


Apply online at Nashville Humane Association


One veteran approved by both organizations will be selected to adopt the hotel hound


All other approved veterans will be matched with a program-eligible dog or cat