If dogs could talk: Molly tells her tale

If dogs could talk: Molly tells her tale

Have you ever wondered what our pets would say if dogs and cats could talk? Molly is a Hurricane Irma refugee and Mark, Navy veteran, her refuge.

The pair were adopted through our partnership with Humane Society of Tampa Bay, which offers fee-waived adoptions and discounted veterinary care to Pets for Patriots veterans.

Adoption can be confusing!

Hi there. Found my guardian’s cell and am trying to type asking for help from my friends.

I’m Molly, Marks’s little patriot friend. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. Mark is a nice man, he’s given me a home, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and more importantly the love that I was missing.

I’m just confused on a few things.

If dogs could talk: Molly tells her tale

I do have a few problems to figure out. My buddy puts this thing on me he calls a “leash.” It wraps around me and tightens when I see these funny little beasts he calls “squirrels.” I don’t know why I want to chase them as they ALWAYS seem to be gone when I get to their home – [the] tree. They are great fun to chase, although I don’t know if I’ll ever know what to do with one if I ever could catch one. Perhaps we could be friends and play together?

Seems this leash thing is important to Mark so I’m trying hard to learn and behave as other animals like me do.

The other confusing thing I’ve NEVER seen is these round orange things called “balls.” I had never seen them before. The last person who looked after me never showed one to me. They are cool and they bounce all over the place and are fun to chase – although NOT as much fun as the squirrels.  Mark throws them and I bring them back to him. What great fun. Who invented these little devils?

Mark tells me I’m a “retriever,” saying that’s what I’m supposed to do. Again, maybe you can help me with learning this?

Parting is such sweet sorrow

The other thing that upset me lately is that Mark needed to leave me for the day. Something he called a “holiday.” It was just for the night so he could visit the other members of his pack, but I was confused.

I had previously met someone I now call my brother, a Beagle named Hakeem. He’s a short little guy and seems to like to sniff me in places I don’t like. I promptly set him straight as a girl needs respect for her “privates.”  Enough said. I spent the night with him while Mark was gone, but deeply missed him.

If dogs could talk: Molly tells her tale

Seems I was going down a road I’d been before: my friend NEVER coming back for me.

Delighted I was wrong. Mr. Mark picked me up the next day and all was well with the world again. I did make it a point to give him my opinion by several dirty looks, but soon realized he was my buddy again.

To my other patriot friends: remember and be thankful for all of those who have helped you along the way.

If dogs could talk – you mean we can’t?

While I’m a middle-aged lady I try hard to make my buddy Mark proud and happy. He thinks I take up too much space on his bed – perhaps I do. But for some unknown reason I think I’m a lot smaller than I really am. I certainly feel and act like a puppy, so what’s the problem?

Ahh, between the two of us we’ll figure it all out.

If you or you companions can give me some tips on how to make Mark happier, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just keep on being me – a devoted and loving animal G-D envisioned me to be.

Many Blessings,



  1. Alyson

    Thank you for your service, Mark. And Molly, you keep taking good care of Mr. Mark – thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Valerie Cintron-Perez

    Awww. Love this story. Sweet Molly just keep being you and Mark thank you for your service and for adopting Molly.

  3. bethz


    Thank you as always for your lovely comments. Our entire team is thrilled to have Mark and Molly in our pack!


  4. Mary Eaton

    Molly, Mark and Beth,
    I’ve had a smile on my face thru this entire “testament”. Molly, you will continue to grow in becoming accustomed to your new “digs”. Hakeem looks to be a buddy, you are warm, dry, have some yellow balls to chase. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over not catching the squirrels. Surely they are sounding their alarm to keep their clan out of your reach.
    Mark, thank you for taking Molly under your wing and allowing for her to find shelter with you and yours.
    Beth, blessings be yours for all your good deeds.

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