Pets for Patriots gets many requests that are beyond the scope of our mission. We are pleased to offer the following resources for your information and convenience. Listing does not equal endorsement.

Rehoming or adopting out a pet

We are not a shelter or rescue and are unable to accept donated animals under any circumstances. If you must re-home or otherwise adopt out a pet, please refer to this article.

Finding a lost pet

Create and download a free flyer using this free lost pet poster generator from 24Petwatch.

Service animals

Pets adopted through Pets for Patriots are for companionship/emotional support only; they are not, nor are they suitable to be trained for service. If you need and qualify for a service animal:

Visit Assistance Dogs International to search for ADI certified and ADI candidate programs that meet specific minimum criteria for quality training standards. Additional information about service/assistance animals:

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are companion pets that are prescribed by a mental health professional to alleviate the symptoms of an individual’s emotional disability. They are not service animals trained to perform tasks for a disabled individual nor are they permitted where pets are otherwise not allowed.

ESAs do have limited access rights in housing and on commercial aircraft. Prior to 2021 many airlines treated ESAs and service animals interchangeably in terms of permissibility on aircraft. However, that has changed.

Effective January 1, 2021, airlines are no longer required to extend the same privileges to ESAs that are given to service animals. ESAs will be treated as pets, and will be subject to each airline’s pet travel requirements and fees.

Individuals may request a reasonable accommodation from their landlords to have an ESA in their dwelling if they live in no-pet housing. Those requesting such accommodation must get a letter from their treating mental health professional affirming this need, and present it to their landlords.

If you are a veteran, veteran family member or caregiver in crisis, please contact the Veterans Crisis Line 24/7 for free, confidential assistance: dial 988 then press 1 or text 838255

Financial help with veterinary bills

Pets for Patriots operates a small veterinary fund exclusively for pets adopted by veterans in our program. We are unable to fulfill requests from the general public.

Click here for a list of organizations that help individuals with extraordinary veterinary expenses.

Affordable pet wellness care
  • VIP Petcare provides a range of affordable pet wellness services through Community Clinics and Wellness Centers hosted at local pet stores, as well as mobile services for animal shelters. The organization offers veterans in our program $10 off their entire bill for every visit.
  • Banfield Pet Hospitals offer all veterans 5% off most products and services; some restrictions apply.
Pet foster care for deploying military or veterans in hardship

These organizations provide short- and long-term foster care for personal pets of service members and veterans facing deployment as well as hardship – such as homelessness, hospitalization or emergency. Both operate nationwide, and foster both dogs and cats:

Got a minute? You can help a veteran in crisis. Learn how you can #BeThere for veterans and service members.

Disaster and emergency preparedness

Do not wait for an emergency, natural or man-made disaster to occur before you have a care plan for your pets.

Read our article on how to prepare and consult these resources from Red Rover:

Moving and traveling with pets

Financial assistance to offset the costs of PCS’ing with pets may be available through these organizations:

  • SPCA International has an Operational Military Pets Program with applications open from the first through the seventh of each month.
  • Dogs On Deployment offers a Richard Setzer Memorial Grant program to assist with various pet-related costs, including pet relocation.
Pet friendly travel

Many establishments and entertainment venues permit leashed/harnessed, well-mannered pets:

  • Bring Fido offers an easy search tool to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, activities, and events.
  • Pet Friendly Travel allows users to search for lodging, restaurants, and travel that permit pets, and allows property owners to list their venues on the site.
  • Dog Tipper lists more than 100 national chain stores that permit dogs.
  • The Dog People powered by lists the top 19 national retail chains that permit pets.
  • PetsWelcome is a searchable database of pet friendly lodging, vacation spots, pet day care, and other pet-oriented travel advice.
Pet training, pet sitting and dog walking
Pet transport

If you are moving due to PCS, relocation, or other life circumstance, you want to ensure that your pet is moved safely as well. There are many agencies and organizations that transport pets, both by air and ground.

Pets for Patriots recommends that you find a pet transport partner that is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA). IPATA members are registered with the US Department of Agriculture and abide by applicable laws for both domestic and international pet transport.

Savings for military personnel and families
  • aggregates discounts available at military commissaries and exchanges.
  • GOVX works with 700+ retailers to offer savings on apparel, footwear, travel, fitness, and other items.

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