Veteran FAQ

Can I adopt a pet I found at a non-participating shelter/rescue?

We honor only eligible dogs and cats adopted from approved shelter/rescue partners. You can find a current listing here. They have lots of fabulous pets just waiting for you!

Can I get a service dog through Pets for Patriots?

No. Pets for Patriots is exclusively for the adoption of companion pets. We are not involved with the acquisition, training, or funding of of service animals. If you need a service animal please visit our resources page for a list of organizations that may be able to assist you.

A dog I’m interested to adopt will likely grow to be at least 40 pounds; does he qualify?

A dog must be 40 pounds or more at the time of adoption, if not already at least two years old, or with a documented special need, or homeless for at least six months. Learn more about pet eligibility here.

I’m already adopted a pet through Pets for Patriots; can I adopt another?

Pets for Patriots members may adopt up to two program-eligible pets per person/per household, either simultaneously or over time. Each pet must still meet our eligibility criteria and be adopted through one of our shelter/rescue partners.

Each program-eligible pet would receive all Pets for Patriots benefits. Learn more about pet eligibility here.

Can I qualify with a discharge characterized as General or Under Honorable Conditions?

An Honorable discharge is required of all veterans who are separated from service. This is a non-negotiable requirement. Learn more about requirements and proof of service here.

I’m an older veteran; am I eligible to apply?

Yes! We’re proud to serve veterans from WWII through those currently in service. Some of our adopters are in their 90s.

I live outside of your program area; can I still adopt a pet?

We require an applicant live no more than 40-driving miles from a shelter/rescue partner.

Individuals who live marginally this requirement should fill out our pre-qualification application. It will be rejected and automatically reviewed by our staff. All such situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with reasonable accommodations for individuals living in rural areas.

Please DO NOT or complete our contact form to request a location exception.

I was approved by Pets for Patriots and have since moved out of your program area. Can I still adopt a pet?

Pets for Patriots provides benefits only for veterans who are living and adopting within our program areas, all of which can be found here. We are unable to honor adoptions if you are a member of our program who has not yet adopted, and then move to an area not served by our program.

My adopted dog needs some basic training; will Pets for Patriots help pay for this?

No, but you can likely find an affordable group training class at your local shelter, or PETCO or Petsmart store. Check with your local animal shelter as well since many offer low or even no-cost group training sessions.